EFAC was founded in 2008 as an 8+ year program, taking students through high school, into university and then launching their careers.

We have 74 alumni and by the end of this year we will graduate an additional 40 students from post-secondary programs.

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EFAC Alumni will forever be part of our family. We intend to build and maintain a robust and active Alumni Network so that our graduates remain in close contact with EFAC staff, peers, and younger students. Our graduates will become EFAC’s career networkers, mentors, and future sponsors.

In preparation for becoming EFAC alumni, our current university scholars have launched the “EFAC Scholars Association.” These students are facilitating workshops, organizing peer gatherings, and creating a student leadership structure to oversee the welfare of their fellow scholars. They have nominated a governance board and are putting policies and goals in place. We believe this group is the seedling organization for a strong future Alumni network going forward.

EFAC is so proud of all of our graduates – you are paving the way for hundreds of scholars on their way up the EFAC ladder.