EFAC is bridging the gap

“In order to reap the full potential of Kenya’s youth, it will be crucial to equip this generation with quality skills relevant to the needs of Kenya’s labor market.”

Cited from The World Bank 2016

EFAC understands that secondary and tertiary scholarships alone will not lift our students out of poverty. We are leading the way in supporting transitions into the professional workforce for Kenyan post-secondary graduates.  EFAC believes that with the right tools and opportunities, our graduates will significantly impact Kenya’s future economic and social progress. 


graduate from a 4-year high school


qualify for post-secondary programs vs. 30% Kenyan graduates nationwide


complete a 3-month community service project to build career-readiness skills


receive employability skills & career mentoring at our Bridge to Employment workshop

Internship Access Program (IAP):
EFAC's Employment Initiative

EFAC students lack personal and professional networks to help launch their careers, so accessing high-quality internships is critical for our rising university graduates. The most competitive internships in Kenya are often located in metropolitan areas where the cost of living is prohibitive. Our Internship Access Program provides living stipends to university students and graduates so that they may accept superb internship placements in their fields of study. 


EFAC scholars complete internships