Lynnet Enjoys Teaching

For her community service project Lynnet N. chose to teach eight and nine year old children at the Christian Door of Home School in Narok. She volunteers there Monday through Friday and is enjoying her time with the students. While looking for a volunteer project, she learned the school did not have enough teachers and thought it would be a good experience. "I am learning that we are all different so I am obliged to be patient with slow learners, and it feels good when all the pupils do well".

Lynnet enjoys socializing with the children and playing with the kids during gym and recess. "What I found hard in teaching is that you keep repeating the same thing again and again and the kids still don't get it. One can really feel bad so I have to have a lot of patience with them." She is living with her uncle and his family near the city of Narok.

Samuel recently graduated from Rongai Boys School. He currently volunteers at his former primary school where he teaches math and helps in the office while he awaits his KCSE results. He recently marched for Peace in Kenya with 1000 other youths.


If I were to sing,
I would sing for those who think of the needy before themselves.

If I were to recite,
I would recite for those who saw me as someone while others saw me as something.

If I were to dance,
I would dance for our Lord God who sent you to me.

And if I were to pray,
I would pray that He bless you forever and abundantly. 

Evans Volunteers at the Vanessa Grant School for Children with Special Needs

We have heard from many of our post secondary students about their community service programs and are proud of all the work they are doing in their communities.

"Being in Vanessa Grant  School is very, very enjoyable."

"Being in Vanessa Grant
School is very, very enjoyable."

Evans L. is working six hours a day assisting physically challenged children at the Vanessa Grant School for Children with Special Needs. Evans explains that he doesn't follow a syllabus but teaches the children through their daily activities including sports, singing, games like Merry-Go-Round and playing on the swings. He also enjoys the time he gets to socialize with the students and finds he gets some exercise while playing with them. Although at times challenging Evan writes, "Being in the Vanessa Grant School is very, very enjoyable. The interesting part of it is the fun that the children have."

Evans is currently living with his guardian and rides a bike to the school each morning and home in the afternoon. His guardian, Martin, tells us that the management of the school is really proud of him and the work he does. Evans says he even stays after some days to help with cleaning the compound and splitting firewood. 

Nice work, Evans... your students are lucky to have you!

EFAC Graduates Begin Community Service Projects

"It has been an exhilirating experience teaching and I hope to give my best and make a difference in the lives of these pupils." Prideluck

"It has been an exhilirating experience teaching and I hope to give my best and make a difference in the lives of these
pupils." Prideluck

As the first EFAC graduating high school class begins the next phase of their education journey we find them waiting patiently for their KCSE test score which they will learn in April. In the meantime, during the eight month "gap" period between high school graduation and the beginning of university in Kenya, our EFAC graduates are required to take this time to volunteer in their various communities as a way to "give back" to others in need. They are asked to volunteer ten hours a week for three months and are encouraged to go into their communities to find a suitable position. EFAC believes that by requiring our Post Graduate students to give back to their communities it will help them develop independence and foster a sense of giving.

The students have found a variety of meaningful volunteer opportunities ranging from teaching and gardening to an internship. We are going to feature a student's story each week this month so please check back in with us. 

Prideluck chose to do her community service project at her village primary school by helping teach math, English, Swahili, and religion. She works six days a week and walks half an hour each way to get to the school. She chose teaching because she wants to "empower the girl child as most of them drop out of school" (at a very young age). She enjoys working with the pupils and "encourages them to develop to their potential." 

Prideluck is living with her grandmother and she has to wake up very early to help with chores before she leaves for the school. "It has been an exhilarating experience (teaching) and I hope to give my best and make a difference in the lives of these pupils."