Two EFAC Scholars Receive Scholarships to Yale Summer Program

Yale University’s Young Global Scholars program has offered two full scholarships to EFAC scholars Stacy Murugi ’17 and Fridah Senteyion ’18, both students at Vanessa Grant Girls’ School (VGGS), for their two-week summer program in New Haven, CT. The mission of the Yale Young Global Scholars program is to empower the next generation of leaders by building a global community and offering interdisciplinary programs that foster intellectual curiosity, deepen understanding and inspire creative action across all borders.

Stacy and Fridah arrive in July 2017

Stacy and Fridah arrive in July 2017

Stacy is a mentor at VGGS, a member of the drama club, and has participated in national languages and sciences contests. She ranks 1st in her Form 4 class and 2nd overall. Stacy lives with her mother, stepfather and younger siblings in Mbagathi, a suburb of Nairobi.  Her mother had to give up her produce stand due to health problems, and Stacy’s stepfather does not have steady work.  She has two younger siblings, one of whom is also an EFAC scholar at VGGS.  Determined to realize her dream of a medical career, Stacy has always been a dedicated and hard-working student.

Fridah is a class representative, the games captain, and plays volleyball at VGGS.  She works hard in school, placing in the top third of her class and excelling in history. She was also a top fundraiser for EFAC’s Power of One walk. Fridah’s parents are subsistence farmers with a large family to support. Her father did not encourage her education, instead planning to have her marry early in exchange for property.  Her mother sent Fridah to live with her grandmother, where she helped care for goats and was able to attend primary school.  Despite these challenges, Fridah thrived in school, placing first in her class and winning a national essay competition,  sponsored by Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, on caring for the environment.

Stacy and Fridah will enjoy a few extra weeks in the US, visiting several EFAC sponsors and board members before and after the Yale program. Their trip will be an adventure for both girls, including their first time on an airplane, an opportunity to meet fellow students from around the world, and the chance to experience American culture.