Blog post by Peter King'ori, a member of EFAC's Kenyan Team

Congratulations to the EFAC Class of 2015

Congratulations to the EFAC Class of 2015

On March, 3 2015 cheers were heard across the country as the Education Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi released the results of 2014 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations. Out of 483,630 candidates who sat for the examinations, 3,073 candidates scored an overall mean grade of A. “Overall mean grade of A by gender shows that 2,133 (69.4%) male candidates and 940 (30.6%) female candidates attained this highest grade,” said Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi.  He also pointed out that 149,717 candidates scored the minimum university entry qualification of C+. 

Among the candidates who received their KCSE results were 49 EFAC scholars. The graduating class has done exemplary well as 2 students managed to score a mean grade of A; 13 students scored a mean grade of A minus; 11 students scored a mean grade of B plus and 15 students scored a mean grade of B. And, we are so pleased to announce that all 49 scholars managed to score a mean grade of C plus and above, the minimum university entry qualification.

Drusilla Mogire emerged as the top EFAC scholar. She scored an A plain of 82 points. She attributed her sterling performance to “being focused, hard work, determination and mentorship.”  Her future career is to study medicine at the university as she stated, “I have a passion for medicine and I had to work extremely hard in all subjects and especially in English.” She is currently doing her community service in a local health Centre.

“I would like to study civil engineering at the university,” said Rose Winnie Nekesa. She scored an A minus of 77 points. As an aspiring engineer, she advises the high school students to “not take their education for granted but to work hard and plan their time well.” She is currently doing her community service at Mater Hospital.  

“I would like to study computer science at the University,” said Peter Mwikya. He scored an A minus of 79 points. He attributes his stellar performance to “hard work, determination and a trust in God.”

“I thank God that EFAC stood with me and paid my school fees. I would like to study actuarial science at the university,” said Antony Mulwa. He scored an A minus of 76 points. He is currently teaching biology and mathematics at a local secondary school. 

Jackline Cherotich attributes her exemplary performance to “being confident, courageous and a trust in God.” She scored an A minus of 79 points. She would like to study actuarial science at the University. She advises high school students to “have confidence in whatever they do and cooperate with teachers.”  

Other scholars who have done well include Mercy Lukaya who scored an A minus, Caroline Musyoka who scored an A plain and Richard Amkonyole who scored a B plus. Mercy had to battle stiff competition in her school and plan her time well as she spent one month at home after going through an eye surgery. 

Richard was the most improved student among all EFAC Scholars. "My highlight and jubilation was Richard, when the results came in. He was the first student I noticed, and he has made us proud," said Godfrey Sakwa, EFAC's contact teacher at St. Mary's Boys. His story is heartbreaking; he is an orphan and he spent almost all the break holidays in school since it was the only place he felt comfortable to stay. He utilized his last two terms in high schools to literally improve his performance from grade C to B+. "

Together as the EFAC fraternity, sponsors and stakeholders, we join our hands to congratulate EFAC Class of 2015.