A Word of Gratitude

This is a letter of gratitude from Carolyn N., our second University graduate, who graduated from Africa Nazarene University on October 25, 2013. She finished in the top five of her class with a degree in IT:

A Word of Gratitude

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate everyone who has walked with me this far. I would like to thank EFAC founders Nancy and Rod, Sheila who has been on toes making sure all the information is collected and in order, all the board members in the US, all sponsors, Kenya board members (Prof. Leah  Marangu- Vice chancellor ANU, Beth Wokabi- country coordinator, John Opiyo- Treasurer, Mary Kiguru- Secretary and all other board  members) and  all other people who have impacted my life.

My sincere thanks to my sponsors Jon, Oneta, Doug and Jen who has seen me through the four years in college, if it were not for you I would not be smiling at the moment, I think I would be some where in the village as a house wife without hope but you instilled hope in me and I believe I am going to make a difference and make some one else smile one day.

As I will be walking down the aisle on Friday 25th October during my graduation I know I owe you all a lot and I can’t imagine have come this far, I know I cannot   be able to repay your kindness but I am sure of one thing, that I will make a difference in someone else life as you did to me.

As I was I second year I started a project to mentor other young girls and boys in my village and this has bore fruits, last year 2 boys joined university and this year 1 boy and 1 girl managed to join university and my concern now is to pull them to join hands with me and mentor and make a difference. On Saturday I will be joining them both primary and high school kids from my former primary school to give thanks and I will officially launch the mentoring program project to reach out to as many kids as possible. 

A special thank you to all sponsors- I am sure everyone would write a thousand paged novel to explain how you  have impacted their lives, you are making a difference and only God will be able to reward you  and I encourage you  that continue with the same spirit and  sooner or later you will see the fruits. You are all successful in life already because success is not measured by how much belongings you owe but by the number of lives you touch and make a difference and the evidence is here, you have made a difference in our lives. God bless you all!!!!!

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world is and remains immortal.”  Albert Pine

2013 KCSE Exams Start Tomorrow

Good luck to all Form 4 students in Kenya who will begin the 20-day KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations tomorrow at 8am. Over 400,000 Kenyan students will take this comprehensive exam, the results of which will largely determine a student's post-secondary educational opportunities.

To support the 47 EFAC students who will be sitting for this exam, a team of mentors from ANU as well as a few recent graduates recently visited all of our partner schools to meet with the Form 4 students and sent these photos from Rongai Boys School and Vanessa Grant Girls School.

Thanks to all our mentors and sponsors for their support of these wonderful students.