Yiamoi and the Phillips Exeter Summer School Interview

Here is a wonderful interview by Nancy Van Sciver of Yiamoi Branice Karia, EFAC class of 2013. Yiamoi was awarded a full scholarship to the Phillips Exeter Summer School and was accepted into the Charles Hamm Leadership Program this past summer.  

Philip Exeter Academy, located in Exeter, New Hampshire, opens their campus every summer to more than 780 students for five weeks of academic study, athletics, and exploration that carry participants far beyond the classrooms and the playing fields. These students come from more than 40 states, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., and 45 foreign nations.

Yiamoi has recently started a four-year medical degree at Maseno University, one of seven public universities in Kenya. 

"It was a long journey, meeting every student from all over the country, that was 48 countries and 46 states in the US of America, meeting with them, interacting with them, the diversity of culture which was blended into one family, sharing ideas and being exposed to the new world was such a wonderful experience for me. It has molded me, molded my views and I can see myself looking at things at a different point of view. And as I plan to go back to my country, not only go and sit back on what I've acquired, I'm looking forward to use my leadership skills that I've acquired, to the community and to assure that I've made something out of what I've acquired." - Yiamoi

Another Lemonade Stand for Lucy

Molly is a 10-year old girl whose family is sponsoring Lucy, an EFAC student from Bahati Girls School in Form 2.

She wrote a blog last year explaining her lemonade stand idea http://blog.educationforallchildren.org/2012_09_01_archive.html

From Molly:

a new lemonade stand fundraiser for Lucy's second year.

a new lemonade stand fundraiser for Lucy's second year.

On September 13th a few of my friends helped my brother and me run a Lemonade and Cookie stand to raise money for Lucy, the student my family helps to sponsor. It was so much fun and we raised so much money! I liked when people asked me who Lucy is and I got to tell them all about her and the EFAC program. They were so impressed that we were doing this and it made me feel really good.  I can’t believe how much money we raised for Lucy.  I also can’t believe how many of my friends wanted to come help me so we can send Lucy to school.  It feels so good to help her continue school because I am a big supporter of girl’s rights…because, of course, I am a girl and girls are awesome!

A BIG thank you to Molly and her friends for their efforts in helping Lucy continue her education and provide a brighter future for not only her, but those around her!

Student Tribute to the Mentor Workshop

By Joseph W. -- St. Mary's Boys School, Form 3

They call it luck, others call it life, but I call joining EFAC a golden opportunity. It is a rare chance -- a precious chance to join the EFAC family. To crown it all we have the annual Mentor Workshop. We get to meet once a year to interact with all the EFAC scholars. How amazing is this!

At the Mentor Workshop we cultivate our brotherhood and sisterhood which keeps us united and strong. There is an amazing bond among EFAC scholars that keeps us going. Each scholar becomes the keeper of the other no matter what our family backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds or schools.

At the Mentor Workshop we get to meet amazing people. There are teachers, professors, pastors and counselors who enrich our lives. What's more we get to learn new things each day for 'education' is a process. The workshop is a unique class to us, born out of minds of people in the EFAC boardroom.

We get to know and go places we never thought of. We get to go to different venues where each time we experience something new. This gives us exposure to the world and to people, and we thank the organizers for their brilliance and intelligence. They come up with new ideas each year and they need to be patted on the back.

In addition some of us meet our sponsors who work to support us in our studies and it is really amazing. We share our experiences and get a chance to personally thank them for their continued support. The EFAC Mentor Workshop unites and binds all scholars together and we all continue to grow. Kudos to the organizers! 


Joseph W. is an EFAC student at St. Mary's High School. He enjoys writing and recently won a writing contest at his school. He participates in the journalism club in his school and with encouragement from his peers, he wants to continue writing and pursue journalism. 

2013 EFAC Mentor Workshop

"I hereby pass regards on behalf of all the EFAC students to all the Sponsors and Board members (both Kenya and abroad)  and each and every one who made an effort to make the 2013 workshop a success and take a minute to pass a word of gratitude because without all the efforts joined together this would not have been a success, please accept an humble acknowledgement of thanks giving." Carol Ngetich, EFAC University Graduate

Professor Marangu Gives Opening Remarks

Professor Marangu Gives Opening Remarks

The highlight of our secondary mentoring program is the annual Mentor Workshop, organized and developed by the Africa Nazarene University (ANU) staff, and it was held from August 28 through September 2 this year. 

Over 160 EFAC secondary students from 8 different schools came together to share experiences, inspire each other and meet with their university mentors at ANU. During the workshop, the students attended presentations on leadership, career exploration, reproductive
health, and sponsor letter writing. 

EFAC Graduates Help Run Student Registration

EFAC Graduates Help Run Student Registration

The workshop is also a time to reinforce the EFAC commitment to values and giving back to community. During the workshop this year, several students worked with the ANU environmental club to help plant trees around the campus, and we were so pleased that six recent EFAC graduates were able to attend the workshop this year in their new role as mentors to the secondary students.  

Thanks to Mr. Mbugua from the ANU Mass Communication Department as well as Modics Ayiero a student at ANU for the photographs. View more photos>

Caroline plants a tree at ANU

Caroline plants a tree at ANU

At the end of the day, there was time for fun

At the end of the day, there was time for fun