EFAC kicked off 2018 by welcoming 89 new Form 1 scholars to our program - our largest class to date! Each of these students began classes in one of EFAC's 13 partner high schools this month.

Sponsorship is the cornerstone of our program. As many of you know, getting an education will completely transform an EFAC scholar's life. But what we've learned from EFAC sponsors is that their commitment to a scholar is also transforming THEIR lives. Two of our sponsors, Kate Starrett and Ryan Crowder, recently shared their perspectives on their trip to Kenya, and what it means for their families to support an EFAC scholar.

Kate Starrett of Colorado brought her 6-year old son, Thatcher, to Kenya with EFAC last fall. They spent time with Linda Lydiah, the scholar they've sponsored for 8 years, and got to know many other students as well. Thatcher loved meeting Kenyan children during a visit to an EFAC primary school partner in the Kibera slum. "Because of EFAC and the opportunity to experience a different culture," Kate told us, "Thatcher asked me if he could give up his 7th birthday party and instead use the money to help Kenyan children stay in school."  Being an EFAC sponsor is worth some small sacrifices for Kate and her family: "It sets a great example for our kids and shows that you can always find a way to give back to those with less."

Ryan Crowder, a father of two young boys who lives in New Hampshire, says his reasons for supporting EFAC were "totally transformed" during his time in Kenya. Meeting the EFAC scholars face-to-face and hearing their stories was life-changing for Ryan. "Despite all the adversity in their lives, these kids have persevered. I could see and feel the deep gratitude they have for their EFAC sponsors and the opportunities they've received to change their futures."

The trip to Kenya put a lot of things into perspective for Ryan. "Being an EFAC sponsor has become more about building a relationship with a student and fostering success in both school and life. It has humbled me. They don't realize it, but the EFAC students are teaching me to be a better person - and for that I am forever grateful."