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May 2014

Will you become part of the Power of 1?

2013 was an incredible year at EFAC, with nearly 250 exceptional students attending Kenya’s top secondary and post-secondary schools, attending important workshops, and developing connections and learning from their mentors. 

This was all possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors and donors like you. 

We are excited to continue to grow and improve the program in 2014, ensuring growth and even more successes for our students, but in order to do this – we need your help.

EFAC’s continued success is the result of the Power of 1 – the power of single entities working together to break the cycle of poverty through education.

It is:

  • 1 non-profit organization working to make a difference in the lives of students
  • 1 sponsor making a commitment to a student, to change their life immeasurably
  • 1 student seizing an unimaginable opportunity to change their life through education, all while making a real difference to their family, community, and country
  • 1 more sponsor. We are appealing to each current sponsor to recruit just 1 new sponsor in 2014 to share in this journey and change lives 1 at a time.

EFAC is asking you to take another step in this journey with us. We are asking you in 2014 to connect us with 1 potential sponsor.

If each of you can help us find just 1 more person this year to help sponsor a student, we can multiply the number of students that we are helping. 

Think about people you know that might have a similar passion for education and the way it can change the world. 

Tell those people about EFAC, connect them with us and together we can continue to create global change.

Together we can grow the number of sponsors and the number of students. Our goal is to attain sponsors for 50 additional students in 2014. 

Need help? Click here for more information on this campaign or contact Lori Evans, Director of Development, at or 603-930-5587.

Thank you.