Partnership with a Purpose

Nancy, Prof. Marangu & Rod

Nancy, Prof. Marangu & Rod

EFAC was founded in 2008 by Nancy and Rod Van Sciver of Rye, New Hampshire, to address the pervasive opportunity gap in global education. Nancy and Rod both had successful careers and were looking for a way to channel their experience into meaningful and tangible nonprofit work. While exploring the Kenyan education sector, they met Africa Nazarene University (ANU) Vice Chancellor, Prof. Leah Marangu.

Prof. Marangu identified the barriers to secondary school and higher education as one of Kenya’s greatest challenges; in Kenya, where free education ends after the 8th grade, only 50% of primary school graduates will continue on to high school.

Recognizing their shared passion for education equality, the Van Scivers joined forces with Prof. Marangu to launch EFAC in 2008 with an inaugural class of 45 students. EFAC has since grown to support over 500 scholars and fills a unique space in Kenya’s education-to-employment sector.  Nancy and Rod Van Sciver’s vision for global education equality remains the cornerstone of our organization.

"EFAC scholars demonstrate honesty, dependability and humility. They are a rare commodity, and we are so proud of their success.”

- Prof. Leah Marangu, Vice Chancellor, ANU