On-site Mentors

Each partner school has a designated teacher to serve as a mentor for the EFAC students at the school. These teacher liaisons connect with the EFAC offices in Kenya and the U.S. to help us monitor our scholars.

Alumni and ANU mentors

Many of EFAC’s secondary alumni join ANU (Africa Nazarene University) to visit our partner high schools once per term. These older students meet with EFAC’s secondary scholars to mentor them in their academic and social-emotional experiences.

Post-Secondary Mentoring

For EFAC scholars, the transition from a structured boarding school to an independent college/university setting can be daunting. EFAC matches post-secondary scholars with a Kenya-based mentor to support their adjustment from adolescence to young adulthood.

US Sponsor Correspondence

EFAC’s secondary students are matched with U.S. sponsors, and they exchange letters and updates with one another throughout each school year. Our students appreciate the encouragement and global perspective they receive through this sponsor communication.