Transitions to Higher Education

EFAC’s post-secondary program began when 99% of our first high school graduates qualified for higher education opportunities vs 30% nationally. We now support over 200 scholars in university and college programs throughout Kenya. 

In Kenya, all high school graduates take the KCSE exam (high school exit exam) and their scores dictate their post-secondary options. About 90% of EFAC students attend a 4-year university and the remaining 9% attend a 2-3 year college/diploma program. Our scholars are pursuing a diverse range of professional and academic degrees, including law, IT, wildlife conservation and microbiology. 

EFAC post-secondary scholarships cover tuition, living stipends, and miscellaneous expenses. 

EFAC Scholars Excel on 2018 National Exam

Secondary Graduates Qualified for Public University Scholarships

EFAC Girls Qualified for Public University Scholarship