We Start With Access

Only 11% of Kenya’s poorest children will earn a high school diploma. This is why the cornerstone of EFAC remains a 4-year scholarship to one of Kenya’s top high schools. During this time, scholars participate in a robust mentoring program and attend our residential Bridge to Success Workshops before moving on to college/training program.

In 2018, we accepted 90 new students from extremely poor backgrounds, bringing total secondary school enrollment to 246. By 2020, we hope to enroll 100 new students annually.

We Support Change

This year, 98% of our high school graduates qualified for a university or diploma program vs. 32% nationally in Kenya. We now support 190 students pursuing degrees at over 30 higher education institutions across Kenya.

EFAC’s transition program reaches beyond just the scholarship. Our Bridge to University workshop builds computer skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship training, and mentors our scholars for success. University is a big change from high school, and we want our students to be up to the challenge.

We Launch Careers

A startling 67% of Kenyan youth ages 15-35 years are unemployed. The Kenyan job market is competitive, and there is a significant skills gap between what students learn in university and what employers expect from new hires.

EFAC is addressing these challenges through our Career Development Program. We expect every EFAC scholar to be employable when they graduate from our program. Education alone will not lift a child out of poverty; our kids need stable employment to truly break the cycle.