Access to Secondary Education

Studies show that access to secondary education is a fundamental contributor to poverty alleviation. The cornerstone of EFAC is a 4-year scholarship to high school for students who lack fees to continue their education beyond 8th grade.


EFAC students hail from all regions of Kenya and are referred to our program by primary school teachers, village leaders, and community based organizations. Applicants qualify based on academic merit, financial need, and personal recommendations.  With a ratio of 2/3 girls to 1/3 boys, EFAC is particularly focused on empowering girls to break through some of Kenya’s most pervasive gender and socioeconomic barriers. 


Every EFAC scholar is placed in one of our 20 partner high schools. Our scholarships fully cover tuition and associated expenses. All of our schools are single-sex boarding schools and rank in the top 10% of Kenyan high schools. To date, 99% of our high school scholars have graduated; in contrast, the national high school completion rate for this income quartile is below 10%. Partner high schools include Alliance Girls School, Nova Pioneer, Starehe Boys School, Starehe Girls School, Nakuru High School, Nakuru Girls School, St. Marys Boys Secondary School, and Vanessa Grant Girls School. 

School Experience

EFAC’s partner schools provide a rigorous academic and extracurricular experience for our students. The schools follow the Kenyan national curriculum and prepare scholars well for their high school exit exams. In addition to core academic subjects, EFAC scholars are exposed to offerings such as: student government, community service, creative arts, athletics, reproductive health, and social-emotional development.

Join us and help a deserving student access secondary education.