Be an EFAC Ambassador

How It Works

Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, special events and personal challenges can all be avenues for supporting EFAC programs and scholars. Simply choose your event, select a goal, and launch your own fundraising campaign with our easy online platform.

Reaching out to friends and family to support your campaign is easy and fun with the help of Classy, a simple do-it-yourself fundraising platform.  You may decide to sponsor an individual student or raise funds for critical EFAC programs like our Bridge Workshops.

To begin, choose your fundraiser:  will you ask for donations in lieu of birthday gift or in honor of a friend, run a half-marathon, or pick a different type of event?  Perhaps you might consider recruiting friends to create a fundraising group?  Be creative!  Just ask us if you need help.

Launching Your Campaign

Setting up a campaign is simple with our peer-to-peer platform.  Click on the link below to select the type of event, then you’ll be prompted to set-up a free Classy account and create a page for your fundraiser.  Share your goals and passion for creating opportunities for vulnerable youth in Kenya.  Spread the word among friends, family, and your community to support your cause.

Meet Lilia, an EFAC Ambassador

For her 2016 Bat Mitzvah,  Lilia raised over $8,000 to support two EFAC girls in high school. 

She was so energized by the experience she decided to continue her fundraising efforts in order to sponsor more girls.

She is harnessing the generosity of friends and family through a peer-to-peer fundraising site and a Race to Educate Triathlon in Portsmouth NH. If you are interested in the 2018 event, click here

To read more about Lilia's initial fundraising efforts in, click here.