The Stories

Ivy Ogolla

Ivy Ogolla

When I was a young girl, my father died and my mother had to work hard as a manual laborer just to give us food each day. I loved school, but lost all hope for my education. EFAC was the light at the end of the tunnel – my scholarship allowed me to enroll at Vanessa Grant Girls School and attain my high school diploma. Now I am studying Biotechnology at the Technical University of Kenya, with EFAC still supporting me. I am gradually realizing my dreams and goals in life. I feel honored to be an EFAC scholar.

Evans Lomilen

I grew up as an orphan and spent my early years as a livestock herd boy. My primary school teachers helped me graduate from 8th grade, and then EFAC changed my life with a scholarship first to Rongai Boys School and then to Rongo University where I study Education. Under EFAC’s guidance I engaged in community service, volunteering with disabled children. I want to dedicate my life to teaching because of this experience. I want to make a difference for children like me, who need someone to give them the chance for a better life.

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Carol Ngetich

EFAC gave me what every child desires to have -- not only the fees for my studies but also I was mentored, coached, and given valuable life skills. EFAC's mentoring made me the person I am today, a successful University graduate with an honors degree in Computer Science. EFAC has instilled in me the desire to be a leader of my generation and an agent of change in society. I am a mentor to many young people now, and will continue to give back so that others can achieve as I have.

Kelvin Otieno

I am Kelvin Otieno and I study Computer Science at the Multimedia University of Kenya. EFAC has educated me not just with my high school and university scholarships, but also with its mentoring and life-skills workshops. EFAC encouraged me to give back - I volunteered to teach in a primary school near my home village for 3-months, and I am now a RedCross member at my university. I recognize the importance of mentoring now, and together with two other EFAC scholars, I started a youth mentoring group called Eagle Mentorship Group so that I can be a positive role model for many young boys in my community. My goal in life is to continue to make an impact the way EFAC has impacted me.