Finding Hope with EFAC

EFAC scholars are girls and boys who live in extreme poverty and hail from rural villages and urban slums across Kenya. Some have lost one or both parents and are being raised by caregivers or in orphanages. All of their families cope with the hardships associated with poverty: unemployment, malnutrition, disease and displacement. 

Despite their backgrounds, all EFAC students have been identified as outstanding 8th graders at their primary schools, and scored in the top 10% on their high school qualification exams. They are talented, resilient, and academically motivated. Without EFAC, their dreams of attending high school and college would never be realized.

“I never thought that I’d get a high school scholarship. I thought my education had ended." 

-Antony, Class of 2015

Meet Antony, a member of EFAC's third graduating class. Antony comes from a family with 9 children and his parents are elderly and could not afford to send Antony to high school. With an EFAC scholarship, Antony graduated from Rongai Boys' School and is now pursuing a business degree at Africa Nazarene University.

We have hundreds of talented students like Antony, working hard in school and preparing for successful careers.